Changes To The Employment Act (Cap 21) With Effect From 1 April 2014 (April 2014)

With effect from 1 April 2014, the Employment Act (“EA”), various changes including allowing non-workmen earning between $2,000 and $2,500 to be paid overtime, has been implemented. Read More.

Security And Futures Act (Cap 289) (October 2012)

Monetary Authority of Singapore introduced amendments to the Securities and Futures Act (Cap 289) which came into effect on 19 November 2012. Sections 135 to 137 of the Securities And Futures (Amendment) Act, provides for substantial shareholding reporting requirement be extended to substantial shareholders of foreign incorporated companies with a primary listing on SGX-ST. Read More.

Understanding the PIC (June 2012)

Legal update on the Productivity and Innovative Credit Scheme. Read More.

Summary Of The Key Changes To The Singapore Code on Take-Overs and Mergers (CODE) In April 2012 (May 2012)

The amended Singapore Code on Take-overs and Mergers came into force on 9 April 2012. Summary of the key changes to the code are. Read More.

Liability Of Manufacturer To Ultimate User (April 2012)

A case study of the High Court Judgement of Sato Kogyo (S) Pte Ltd and another v Socomec SA[2012]. Read More.

Procedures For Scheme Of Arrangement (March 2012)

A case study of the Court of Appeal decision of Royal Bank of Scotland NV and others v TT International Limited. Read More.